About Val’s Putnam Wines

We’ve been serving the Greenwich neighborhood for over 60 years and take great satisfaction in presenting the greatest wines and craft brews to everyone who walks through our doors.

Following in Val’s footsteps, we emphasize community and creating deep relationships with our clients by offering top-tier customer service and actively listening to provide the best suggestions possible. We are people who care about others and want to do the right thing for the consumer, so we stock our shelves depending on customer feedback.

Our job is to stand in for the bottle and explain as much of the story as possible to provide our customers with the finest possible experience. Come taste a range of wine and spirits at our quarterly tastings and learn about the various geographic regions, grapes, spirits, and producers you may or may not be familiar with!

Val's Putnam Wines of Greenwich

Exclusive wines, spirits & craft beers


Our Wine Events provides a way for our customers to experience and get to know new wines that we enjoy and want to share. Please contact us at valsputnamwines125@gmail.com to receive more information and to be a part of our Wine Events. We’ll get back to you with all the info on how to join.


To be part of this simply opt-in with your name and email address with your areas of interest and we will place you on our preferred list for the upcoming events. It’s that easy.

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